Better Than Fit!

Personal and Rehabilitation Fitness

We’re all looking for a fitness program that works. Most of us would like to be more toned, stronger, and improve our cardiovascular health. Joining a gym gives you all kinds of equipment to use, but are you getting the most out of your time? When you join the gym’s group fitness class, does the instructor have time to correct and coach you to make sure you are getting the maximal benefits? Hiring a personal trainer can get you a customized program, but that may not be an option for many people. A DVD can give you a challenging workout but is your technique correct? What if you’ve had an injury? Is it safe for you?

If you want to look Better, feel Better, move Better, live Better and have it all at a Better price, Better Than Fit! is for you. Our fitness programs are designed by Physiotherapists Jen Bladon and Jodi Thomas. We have fused our expert knowledge of movement and body mechanics with our passion for health and fitness. Exercise is essential to good health and must done correctly, and at a level that challenges your “comfort zone” to have optimal results. Most of all, it’s gotta be fun! We’ve created programs that allow people at any fitness level to achieve optimal conditioning.

Our programs promote Functional Fitness and are based on principles of correct postural alignment, balanced muscle recruitment, and correct technique done at YOUR body’s highest performance level.

We offer small group exercise classes (8-12 clients), allowing us to give you the necessary attention to ensure you are exercising safely, efficiently, and meeting your goals. You will never have to wonder “Am I doing this right?” or ” Is this safe for me?”…we will give you one-on-one attention and coaching to ensure that you are!

Our programs all:

  • Combine cardiovascular, strength, and core training in one efficient package.
  • Feature Whole body exercises designed to increase: metabolism, calorie burn, cardiovascular fitness, core muscle strength and endurance.
  • Emphasize posture, balance, agility, and physical efficiency
  • Focus on Functional Fitness: exercises that improve your strength and power to perform in your real-life demands at work, home, or sport.