“I must admit that I do feel better than fit!! Before starting TRX classes I was mainly a Provincial and National level judo competitor for the past 16 years and went to the gym one or two times per week for weight training. I was introduced to TRX suspension bands while rehabilitating rotator cuff and bicep surgery that occurred from judo. At this time I had no idea the variety of exercises you could do as I was obviously targeting my injuries only. I was recommended to Jen to carry on with my physiotherapy where she had me doing new and improved exercises with TRX to start going to the next level but again mainly targeting my injuries. I found out that she offered classes for this and that she personally taught them along with her other trainers. Working around my judo schedule I was able to find a night that worked for me in a class that Jen taught. Right from my first class I was hooked and am now a firm believer in TRX and the TRX classes. I was thrown in with 6 to 8 hard working people who were obviously firm believers already. It was amazing each week to finally target areas that I never knew were weak and feel them get stronger and stronger. During my first session I was preparing for the Canadian National Judo Championships and thought it would be a great add on to my training. By the time I hit the nationals I was leaner, stronger, faster and more explosive than ever before. I truly feel that a lot of this was due to TRX training. Mentally and physically I was bullet proofed against injury with full range of motion. Since then I have completed 2 more sessions with Jen and purchased my own TRX for home. I will continue to take the classes as they are educational, fun and tough. It’s a completely different feel when you have someone watching and correcting exercise procedure and form. I would highly recommend the Better than Fit organization and the TRX classes to anyone at any level. Thank you very much for all your help!!”
Brent, Participant since 2016

“When I first started TRX, I’d been an avid rock climber for 8 years, and had recently started training as an aerial acrobat. I felt I was pretty familiar with what a good hard workout felt like, then I tried one of Jen’s classes, and found out what a really effective workout was! I’ve been training with Better Than Fit for almost 2 years now, and feel with everything in me that their classes have made the single biggest difference in both my performance as a rock climber and my abilities as an aerialist. I like the way it let’s me train both sides of my body independently to balance myself out. And the fact that an injury in one area doesn’t mean that I cannot keep conditioning what is uninjured. In fact, some of the exercises given to me have helped rehabilitate when I was injured. I like that the exercises have a more natural feel to their range. I feel my body growing stronger through a more extended range of motion and more useful positions than traditional weight training. I like that the simplest of exercises can be made as challenging as I need it to be. I really appreciate the attention that the instructors pay to proper form rather than quantity of reps. I honestly feel that what I’m getting is making me Better Than Fit and I am so grateful.”
Amanda, Participant since 2012