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Choosing better each day

As 2016 has come to an end, it’s intuitive to reflect on what has passed this year, what currently “is”, and of course, what 2017 might bring. After a sunny holiday break to Florida to visit Grandma and Grand-dad as well as my dear friend Jen, her husband, and her new baby Alfie, I am ready to happily tackle the start of a new year.

I tend to make a list of my yearly goals and intentions on my birthday each year (which I actually didn’t do this past October 1st – perhaps I was already onto something?) but it can be fun to use January 1st to turn over a new leaf.  Always overly goal oriented, I can never seem to learn enough, read enough, nor move/train enough anyways, so I have decided to work on becoming much more task oriented.  Focusing on the journey for what it is, welcoming the daily grind, and letting go of the outcome.  This seems even more important as Rob and I get settled into our forties, Olivia is a pre-teen bundle of joy, and Kellen is an 8 year old bundle of energetic curiosity.  Each day brings its challenges and rewards, and that needs to be enough in and of itself.  Some days we will crush it, and some days we won’t.

I also plan to remove the word “busy” from not only my vocabulary but my perspective.  I am instead owning my family, professional, and personal schedule for what it is.  I want to fully participate in this life as we have built it.  All of the professional opportunities for Rob and myself, all of the kids sports and activities, (and of course) all of the time I spend in movement and training is what makes us happy.  Luckily, Kellen has always been our barometer of balance, he quickly seems to remind  us – whether through illness, through accident, or questionable behaviour – when our schedule gets a little out of control.  He reminds us to take a time out, to slow down, and to keep track of what really matters when we need to.  (ie. health, happiness, and definitely not how clean the house is, or if Mommy has all her paperwork done….)

So while I appreciate all the 10 day resets, the 21 day challenges, I feel that the little daily wins and keeping consistent on those big rocks that are important to you are what counts.  For me, the big rocks are family, professional development, health and fitness, finances, and home/travel.  And they may change and they may shift in priority – and that’s ok.  Some days its all about my kids mental health and growth (really hard but rewarding days), and some days its about crushing a deadlift PR (love those days!).

If you are familiar with Simon Sinek’s work, you might be familiar with his quote suggesting that “The goal is not be perfect by the end. The goal is to be better today.”  

As we embrace the start of 2017, I simply choose better each day.  The days will turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and soon enough we are celebrating the next new year.  I will be far from perfect as I commit to better each day.  How’s that for a resolution?  Its a perfect Better Than Fit approach for me.

I Would love to hear your thoughts.  Happy New Year!


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A Physiotherapist practicing in Newmarket Ontario, Jen compliments her clinical practice with her passion project Better Than Fit: Physiotherapy, Fitness, and Yoga. Jen's mission is to bridge rehabilitation to fitness, health, and wellness.

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