Please note, our classes are currently on hold while we determine a new location to hold classes, except the Strength After Breast Cancer class. To register email

BTF continues to provide services inclusive of physiotherapy assessment and treatment, TRX training, and yoga. We continue to support the journey connecting rehabilitation to fitness.

BTF offers small group training in a class format. Our workouts are focused on foundational movement patterns that incorporate mobility, stability, and strength in order to optimize performance inside and outside of the gym. As a result, this is highly supportive for sport – whether endurance pursuits (running, cycling, triathlons, adventure racing) or sport specific strength and conditioning (hockey, golf, tennis, baseball, martial arts, rock climbing, etc.).

We prioritize individual attention, with the ability to adapt to all levels and abilities. Injury prevention, rehab, and performance needs and goals are all supported in the BTF environment. We safely and effectively bridge “treatment with training”.

Pre-registration is required, class sessions run approximately 8 weeks.

Current Class Schedule and Registration

Class Descriptions:

TRX Suspension Training

“Make your body your machine” as you challenge your ability to support dynamic stability and movement while utilizing the TRX straps to (variably) leverage your body weight working all muscles and movement patterns possible. Learn to create spinal support while mobilizing and strengthening the entire body.

“Bootcamp” (strength and interval based classes)

Squat, lunge, hip hinge, push, pull, row, press, and plank in different variations with various equipment – from body weight to dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX, battle ropes and resistance bands. Interval based circuits focused on big movements for big gains.


Therapeutic mindful movement designed to address the needs of the modern yogi – an often desk bound weekend warrior. A team of yoga instructors each with a special skill set lead a introspective, breath based practice to unwind and support the body, mind and spirit.

Strength After Breast Cancer

This class is an evidence based program for breast cancer survivors. It is safe for both women who have recently finished treatment, and for those who have been a survivor for many years. It is also safe for those who have developed lymphedema. Using light weights and a gradual, slow progression, it is designed to support the involved shoulder/arm, and avoid any potential harm. This 5 week program will help develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to continue with the exercises as a home program.
**All participants must undergo a lymphedema evaluation with a Certified Decongestive Therapist prior to starting the program.**  If you require more information please contact Rebecca at