A holistic physiotherapy assessment and treatment is not only for injury rehabilitation and pain resolution. Physiotherapists are the movement experts – non-optimal alignment, posture and movement dysfunction are signs of the more than likely future development of pain and injury.

A thorough assessment will determine your “primary driver” or source(s) of concern. By empowering you with the knowledge, skills, but also any necessary treatment support (manual therapy, exericise, dry needling, modalities), the goal is self management and an optimal longterm outcome.


Also a physiotherapy based assessment, but focused on fitness based goals incorporating foundational movement wellness and strength. The assessment will highlight areas requiring more attention and care to avoid injury, and optimize gains.

Whether individual training or through the BTF classes, we build a focused plan to address current fitness barriers, an actionable program for present fitness needs, as well as a vision for future fitness goals.


Moving mindfully and moving well both on and off the yoga mat is essential. Yoga therapy is a wonderful tool to combine the healing benefits of improved breath with a movement practice. BTF offers private yoga therapy sessions prescribed from both a physiotherapy and yoga based assessment. Learn how yoga based mobility, stability and strength postures and sequences can support your overall health and wellness.

The Joyful Life logoNutritional Coaching

Utilizing the Flexible Dieting approach, a nutrition coach will provide you with an individualized nutrition plan to guide you to a healthy and happy relationship with yourself and food. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, increased strength and general fitness, this program offers a lifestyle shift of teaching you how to eat to build a healthy and beautiful version of you, both physically and mentally.

BTF 15% discount for The Joyful LifeFlexible dieting allows you to travel, attend weddings and parties, go on vacation and eat in restaurants. In fact, these life celebrations are encouraged, and you are taught how you can enjoy them while still moving closer to your fitness goals.
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