Why TRX Suspension Training?

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Why TRX Suspension Training?

For the past 5 years, TRX Suspension training has been a regular part of my training program. Although the TRX initially presented itself as a neat new fitness tool, it has repeatedly proven its worth for myself, my patients, and the many many individuals who have participated in our TRX classes.

Using adjustable straps suspended from a ceiling anchor point, the TRX offers a unique body weight training experience.  The leverage of the straps either increase support, or increase the challenge of the particular movement/muscle group.  The nature of the TRX straps also require that postural stability is always maintained, explaining the TRX tag line “all core all the time: make your body your machine.”


Here are some of the reasons I continue to love and endorse regular TRX training.

  1. It continues to offer new and novel challenges and variations on a common theme: stabilize and support your core movement patterns.  There are so many ways to push, pull, squat, lunge, and rotate with the TRX.  Ways to regress and ways to progress.  Ways to isolate parts of the body, and ways to integrate the entire body.  Every session is a different approach to making improvements in fundamental movement.
  1. Its universally adaptable to all levels and all abilities.  From those individuals learning correct squatting and hip hinging mechanics to those individuals mastering higher movement demands. (see point #1)
  1. It allows us to find three dimensional movement in all planes, including “anti-movements” – controlling anti-rotation, anti-flexion, anti-extension. 
  1. It provides a sense of support when needed, and yet we can just as easily take that support away.  (see point #2)
  1. It carries over to real life requirements in daily life and sport. (see point #3)

I don’t see any reason to stop using the TRX in the near or distant future.  It has been a wonderful rehabilitation and fitness tool.  Whether rehabbing from injury, or supporting strength and conditioning for sport, TRX remains an excellent training tool.

Better Than Fit is a Core Member of TRX Suspension Training – meaning we maintain a membership with an elite group of TRX Professionals focused on continued education and improvements to our TRX services.  Investing our time and energy in the further development of our TRX programming is a key focus at BTF.

Want to try a Better Than Fit TRX class or take part in an individual TRX orientation?  Email me jen@betterthanfit.com

About the Author:

A Physiotherapist practicing in Newmarket Ontario, Jen compliments her clinical practice with her passion project Better Than Fit: Physiotherapy, Fitness, and Yoga. Jen's mission is to bridge rehabilitation to fitness, health, and wellness.

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